Issue 1/2021
    1st March - 30th June 2021


    Time Matters

    Welcome to the first edition of WhatsNext 2021. It delivers information and solutions to make your life in the lab easier. Download your copy and find out how you reduce the amount of time you spend in the lab and increase productivity, even though you cannot stop the clock. Discover our newest products and promotions or test your speed and show us what you can do with your pipetting skills.

    Always be up to date!

    Reach a stable temperature faster than ever or benefit from fast & reliable mixing!

    Discover and save!

    How about a new Mastercycler from Eppendorf or a full exchange of your old pipettes?

    Time for a challenge!

    Show us that you are a time and efficiency expert in the lab. Who is better, you or your lab mate?

    Tell us how you like WhatsNext and receive an Eppendorf webcam cover as a "Thank You"
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