Scientist using our incubator monitoring system on a mobile phone to monitor the performance of the biological shaker S44i with VisioNize

Smart Cultivation with the Innova S44i biological shaker

Experience smart cultivation with the Innova® S44i biological shaker and VisioNize® to help you establish easy and reliable documentation of your device data.

When you’ve spent weeks optimizing your plasmid preparations or protein expression experiments, it can be frustrating if your biological shaker settings are adapted by another lab user while you’re not in the lab. Aside from the loss of sample, you lose precious time and money.

Now you can simplify your workflows and keep track of valuable data!
VisioNize® Lab Suite (VNLS), our lab management tool that includes a remote incubator monitoring system, combined with the our trusted biological shakers, helps you to establish easy and reliable documentation of your device data.

Stay alert! VNLS instantly alerts you to any changes that are made to your settings so you can track changes to your experimental data or reset your parameters – quickly and easily.

The smartness in your shaker for complete control of your smart cultivation

The shaking incubator Innova® S44i is equipped with our VisioNize touch interface helping you to establish an easier, yet solid documentation of your device data. Leverage the built-in capabilities of your shaker with VisioNize.

Woman in the laboratory is changing the settings of the biological shaker Innova® S44i via the VisioNize touch interface

Further benefits of the VisioNize touch interface in smart cultivation:

Extensive documentation
of parameters

Versatile documentation of all parameters: temperature, agitation, light intensity and more via chart and event list. Plus, documentation of occurred alarms and errors during the smart cultivation.

Alarm and error

Make complicated runs simple: create multi-step programs for automated control of the shaker including looping.

Indications for adjustment tasks and focus
meanwhile on the most time-consuming work - your research!

Automated imbalance detection and intelligent counterweight adjustment

The future of smart cultivation is here!

By subscribing for your VisioNize Digital Lab Space, you can fully leverage the built-in capabilities of your shaker. Experience smart cultivation and never going to miss the end of your program run. Stay informed if someone has changed the settings of the shaker you are currently using.

Man using a phone to remotely monitor the temperature of the biological shaker  in the laboratory.

VisioNize notifications

Plan the next steps and respond to issues quickly

VisioNize notifications help you to respond quickly to issues with alerts and notifications in case of a program end, maintenance, temperature alarms, or imbalance alarms sent via email or SMS, customizable to meet your needs.

Stay ahead of the next step with notifications like:

  • “Speed set-point changed from 40 rpm to 60 rpm.”
  • “Temperature below alarm limit 36.5 °C”
  • “Motor: Speed Sensor Requires Service.”
A couple of scientists checking the monitoring dashboard of VisioNize on the computer.

VisioNize monitoring

Monitor your program runs

With VisioNize, you can no monitor Monitor the program runs of your biological shaker in real-time – whenever and wherever you want, and benefit from the enhanced insights into equipment health and comprehensive documentation of your device data.

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Important note
Depending on your country, VisioNize and the VisioNize services may not be available. You can either check the Eppendorf eShop or contact your Eppendorf Sales representative for details.