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Organize Additional Devices in VisioNize® core

Devices that are not directly connected (as VisioNize-onboard devices) or connectable over VisioNize box (as VisioNize-qualified devices) can at least be organized in VisioNize core. Even if the devices’ performance data is not visible and a connection to the VisioNize system is not possible, you can at least manually integrate and organize all the devices of your lab or institution.

All device-related documents on a central data server

Store relevant device information and documents on the data server VisioNize core. This gives you continuous access to relevant documents and information over your internal network.

Organize maintenance dates and further information needed to manage your lab equipment efficiently

VisioNize core helps you organize maintenance dates well in advance. Search for the connected devices’ next maintenance dates or specific locations or rooms and this information will be organized and displayed accordingly. 

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