Voluntary Recall of Eppendorf Reference® 2 Pipettes

    Voluntary Recall of Eppendorf Reference® 2 Pipettes

    Purpose of the Reference 2 Recall

    Eppendorf discovered a potential product defect affecting specific lot numbers of Reference 2 pipettes sold in North America between April and August of 2017. It has been identified that fast volume changes may lead to incorrect display of the volume and thus to inaccurate pipetting. The cause of the issue has been traced and production was immediately modified accordingly. 

    As a corrective measure Eppendorf decided to carry out a global product recall. Consumers with a recalled Reference 2 will be offered a replacement pipette at no charge. To check if your pipette is affected you can check serial numbers of your Reference 2 pipettes on this website or let us check for you. Please note that only Reference 2 pipettes with serial numbers ending with "G" are affected.

    If your Reference 2 pipette was serviced in 2017 and received a new counter, please contact Eppendorf or your service provider directly. We offer a free replacement of the complete pipette if the replacement counter is affected by the recall.

    We deeply regret any inconvenience this situation will cause and will work diligently to promptly replace the affected pipettes.

    Check if your Reference 2 Pipettes are affected

    If you bought a Reference 2 pipette between April and August of 2017 you can use the form below to check if your pipette has been recalled. Please enter that Reference 2pipette’s seven-digit serial number below, and then select Send. You instantly get a response.  

    You can find the serial number on the front of the pipette. 

    Note: It is very important to enter the correct serial number with capital letters to obtain the correct result. The serial number of the potentially affected pipettes reads “letter” – “five numbers” – “letter” ending in a “G” (e.g. K12345G).

    What if I have a recalled pipette?

    If you have a recalled pipette, follow the link below to a form where you can request a replacement pipette. Requests will be handled in a matter of two business days and you will receive a follow up email that your request has been processes.

    You will need to return your recalled pipette to Eppendorf. The follow up email to your replacement request will contain instructions on shipping the recalled unit back to Eppendorf along with a pre-paid return shipment label and a decontamination form that must be sent with the return shipment. In an effort reduce paper and packaging waste, you may use the packaging from the replacement pipette to ship back the recalled unit.

    Visit www.eppendorf-us.com/pipetterecall to request your replacement pipette for your recalled unit:

    Request Replacement