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    January 1 – June 30, 2021

    Advance Your Research Through Insights, Solutions, Optimal Outcomes, and Our Special Offers

    Advantage means putting you in a better position, and that’s exactly what we want for you.

    The work you do is more important now than ever before, and the samples you produce more precious. You have been able to rely on Eppendorf to help deliver accurate, reliable results, but we want to be more than your provider of consumables, instruments and services. We are also here to be your partner and resource center. Our bi-annual publication includes articles, promotional offers and some FUN activities. We hope to help give you the Advantage to succeed in the lab!


    Get select Xplorer® plus single-channel pipettes for 28% off the regular price. Select options include:

    $760 - 0.5–10 μL, med. gray

    $760 - 10–200 μL, yellow

    $760 - 15–300 μL, orange

    $760 - 50–1000 μL, blue

    Get Centrifuge 5425 with Rotor FA-24x2 and receive a FREE Repeater M4 pipette (subject to availability).

    $2,999 – Centrifuge 5425, keypad, non-refrigerated, with Rotor FA-24x2 and Repeater M4

    $2,999 – Centrifuge 5425, knob, non-refrigerated, with Rotor FA-24x2 and Repeater M4

    Get the Mastercycler nexus or nexus gradient and save 40% off the regular price.

    $4,350 – Mastercycler nexus, 115 V/50–60 Hz

    $4,899 – Mastercycler nexus gradient, 115 V/50–60 Hz

    $9,450 - Mastercycler nexus gradient, 110 V/50–60 Hz and Mastercycler nexus X2e, 100–110 V/50–60 Hz

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