Eppendorf Sample360 – The safer sample solution.

    Your samples are everything. Trust their safety to Eppendorf Sample360, the first end-to-end solution for ultra-low temperature sample management. The integrated family of products and services provides a 360° view and confidence at every step – storing, tracking, and monitoring – along with data and sample protection. Each element of the solution works seamlessly together to ensure that your data is secure and that your results are reliable. Knowing that your samples are protected means more time for your research.

    Secure: SafeCode™

    Ensure reliable identification of your samples with 3-level coding

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    Store: CryoCube® F740hi

    Preserve sample integrity with trusted -80° ULT freezers

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    Track: eLABInventory®

    Centralize your sample data from all storage locations

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    Monitor: VisioNize® Lab Suite

    Get connected to effectively manage your lab from anywhere

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