Eppendorf Mastercycler® X50 family

    Whilst PCR applications have propelled from one dimension to the next, PCR cyclers have in principle remained the same. To address the needs of the future, we present the Mastercycler X50 family.

    The Mastercycler X50 family consists not only of the thermal cycler, but includes software option control, service tools/plans and also, optimized for ‘Fast PCR’ consumable options.

    • Mastercycler X50 – A beautiful touchscreen to use, or advanced software control
    • Heating rates of up to 10°C/s
    • Great homogeneity – and the tools to show this
    • CycleManager X50 Software – Control and monitor up to x50 cyclers from a central server
    • 2D-Gradient – Taking traditional optimization principles into a new dimension

    Scroll down to see a number of the above facets come together.

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    A new benchmark in speed –
    the Mastercycler X50 family

    Address the likely bottleneck in your workflow with the Mastercycler X50 family of cyclers.  

    Super-fast heating and cooling rates without the need to switch your protocols to unusual formats – allowing you to effortlessly adopt our advanced technology into your workflow and process more samples in any given time.

    The silver block variants allow you to customise heating and cooling rates, up to a maximum of 10°C/s (heating rate).  All of this without compromising reproducibility: ≤0.20°C homogeneity (20-72°C).

    • 10°C/s average heating rate
    • Customizable ramp rates to help adhere to SOP’s
    • Open format fixed blocks accommodating 0.1/0.2ml tubes and tube strips and 96/384 well plates (all skirt variants)
    • Simultaneous monitoring and control of up to fifty cyclers using CycleManager X50

    For more info, see application note 274.

    The next stage of optimization – 2D-Gradient

    The Mastercycler X50 allows you to optimize your PCR parameters further without the need for repeated runs. 

    Traditional Temperature Gradients can be run in the X or Y axis, allowing for 12 or 8 different temperature parameters for a single step of PCR, normally the annealing temperature. Combining the two allows for up to 96 different reaction parameters and for temperature optimization of two PCR steps, the most common being annealing and denaturation temperature. All of this, in one single run!

    • Up to x96 different reaction parameters and optimisation of two PCR steps in a single run
    • Selectable Gradient Direction
    • Ideal for difficult or complex templates (GC-Rich, long fragment length, etc)

    Please see application note 387, where we show how 2D-Gradient can help you gain better PCR yield or increase PCR specificity.

    Simple, central, smart – The CycleManager X50

    The CycleManager X50 allows control of up to fifty networked X50 cyclers. Control can be individual, simultaneous, or grouped. Perfect for high-throughput standardised protocols where reproducibility is paramount. Password protected user access is optional and users can be assigned different access rights, allowing greater documentation capabilities than ever before. It can also e-mail you when your PCR is complete!

    • Individual, simultaneous or grouped control of up to fifty cyclers
    • Verification / service reminders to ensure unverified cyclers are not used
    • Profound documentation capabilities

    Note: The CycleManager X50 can only be used with Mastercycler X50 variants without Touchscreen Interface.

    Taq on more speed

    So, you want to go fast? Increase your amplification speed with GoTaq® Rapid PCR Master Mix from Promega*.

    • Formulated using Promega’s robust Taq polymerase and hot-start technology
    • Rapid 2-Step procedure combines annealing and extension steps and amplifies samples in as little as
      15 minutes
    • Transition to high throughput sampling and tackle backlogs from your benchtop


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    * Availability of GoTaq® Rapid reagents might differ depending on your region. Please check with your local Eppendorf or Promega representative.

    …and yet more speed

    Have you adopted ‘Fast enzymes’ in your PCR? Allow us to introduce the custom engineered vessel: The Eppendorf Fast PCR Tube Strip.

    The Fast PCR Tube Strip allows faster transfer of heat from block to reaction, allowing significantly better control over the reaction parameters. The results:

    • Overall run time savings (compared to kit manufacturer run times)
    • Higher yield, resulting from more efficient PCR

    For more info, see application note 400.

    See the Mastercycler X50 in action (You won’t hear it)

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