Own Your Solution. Define Your Liquid Handling.

Own Your Solution. Define Your Liquid Handling.

Eppendorf offers trusted pipetting solutions from manual single and multi-channel pipettes to automated workstations.

With our expansive liquid handling portfolio, you will find a solution that adapts to your research requirements and applicational demands.

Manual pipettes are useful for everyday activities such as reagent distribution, tube to plate transfers and sample dilutions. Discover how the award-winning Eppendorf Research® plus mechanical pipette, the Eppendorf Xplorer®/Xplorer plus electronic pipette, Repeater® E3/E3x electronic multi-dispenser and our Move It® adjustable tip spacing pipette can assist you in the lab.

Automated pipetting represents a natural progression in biological sample processing. Automation is beneficial for routine tasks in the lab such as serial dilutions, cherry-picking, and normalization, as well as full-length protocols. Increase the accuracy and precision of your pipetting with our epMotion® series of liquid handlers for low to high-throughput molecular biology applications. Our liquid handling workstations save you time in the lab and increase the reproducibility of your results.

Your Best Friends For 96-Well Plates

Repeater E3/Repeater E3x electronic multi-dispenser pipette

For repetitive liquid handling steps like filling plates or large series of tubes

Dispense easily and precisely, regardless of liquid properties with the Repeater E3/E3x electronic multi-dispenser. Minimize bodily strain while filling plates or long series of tubes with the pipettes light weight and easy operation.

epMotion 96

For reagent dispensing, plate stamping and reformatting

Overcome the limits of manual multichannel pipetting with the epMotion 96, the 96-well plate robot from Eppendorf. The epMotion 96 increases your productivity by allowing you to pipet whole 96-well plates at once with high precision and speed.

Your Everyday Liquid Handling Companions

Research plus mechanical pipette

For all types of pipetting with increased flexibility and ultimate ergonomics

The Eppendorf Research plus is one of the safest and most ergonomic mechanical pipettes available. Meeting the highest needs of precision and accuracy while providing high flexibility via many variants, the Research plus will become an indispensable companion in your lab.

epMotion 5070

For routine tasks such as serial dilutions, reagent distribution, cherry-picking and normalization

The epMotion 5070 is our most compact solution in the epMotion family generating accurate and reproducible results. With four deck positions, the epMotion 5070 is a perfect match for routine tasks in the lab such as serial dilutions, reagent distribution, sample transfer from tubes to plates and sample normalization.

Your All-In-One Pipetting Ninjas

Xplorer/Xplorer plus electronic pipette

For even higher ergonomics and increased precision and efficiency while routine pipetting

The Xplorer electronic pipettes are the ideal instrument if you need precisely adjustable parameters, reproducible and accurate results while experiencing fatigue-free pipetting and always maintaining full control over pipetting procedures.

epMotion 5073t

For all types of pipetting including applications such as nucleic acid purification, PCR set-up, bead cleanups and library preparation

The epMotion 5073t automated liquid handling workstation allows you to efficiently perform nucleic acid purification and NGS library preparation of 1 to 24 samples. It is also ideal for automating more complex, time-consuming liquid handling tasks such as PCR set up and ELISA.

Your Liquid Handling Wizards

Move It adjustable tip spacing pipette

For the transfer of samples between different vessel formats, such as between tubes and plates

The Move It adjustable tip spacing pipette accelerates and simplifies synchronous pipetting of a series of samples. It’s unique design without tubing connections results in increased precision and durability as well as user and sample safety.

epMotion 5075t

For more complex applications such as next generation sequencing, real-time PCR set-up, magnetic bead based purification and cell based assays

The epMotion 5075t is your automated solution for high-throughput applications and time-consuming workflows such as nucleic acid purification (NAP) using magnetic bead separation, DNA/RNA extraction, NGS library preparation and ELISA.

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Automated PCR setup with epMotion® 5070

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