International Freezer Challenge

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Global warming is a challenge for mankind on earth. Sustainability discussions primarily focus on energy consumption of devices. Even environmentally friendly and energy efficient ultra-low temperature freezers, also known as ULT freezers, traditionally consume a large amount of energy as they maintain extremely low temperatures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for years.
-80 °C are needed for storage of many high-value samples – how can the usage of ULT freezers be optimized? How can the energy efficiency of storage processes be improved?

The International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) and My Green Lab partner to reward the best concept to improve cold storage regarding sustainability:

The annual Freezer Challenge
It’s easy to participate - ULT freezer users are invited to compete with colleagues from around the globe. The users can earn points by taking actions from Good Management Practices, Temperature Tuning, and other areas, as well as for sharing information about best practices. More in detail, this can include e.g.

  • Good Management Practices
    • Defrosting freezers
    • Cleaning out freezers and refrigerators
    • Inventorying samples
    • Storing samples at high density

  • Temperature Tuning
    • Adjusting the set point of ultra-low temperature freezers
    • Storing samples at appropriate temperatures

  • Retirements and Upgrades
    • Retiring old refrigeration units
    • Replacing older refrigeration units with energy-efficient units

  • Cutting-Edge Practices
    • Sharing refrigeration space with a colleague
    • Barcoding samples
    • Trying/ adopting room-temperature sample storage

Awards will be given to those who have done the most to save energy and improve their sample storage.

As major global freezer supplier, Eppendorf sponsors this challenge to support improving the sustainability of ULT storage in the labs.

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