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March 2017: Safe, Secure Samples

We know how precious your samples are. That’s why we provide you with tools for long term storage of your samples with the peace of mind know that they are well preserved. Our newest line of Eppendorf Storage boxes is ideal for storing samples in any freezer. Need peace of mind, monitor your freezer temperature with our TCA-3 temperature monitoring system. Ideal for any freezer, this monitoring system can alert you via email, phone, or text of any temperature fluctuations of your freezer.

Learn more about what we have to offer to preserve your samples!

Preserve Your Samples!

The Eppendorf Storage Boxes provide safe storage for your sample tubes in a space-saving design. The extensive portfolio offers a selection for tubes from 1.5 mL to 50 mL. Secure organization of your samples has never been easier.


  • High-contrast permanent alphanumeric marking of each location through laser labeling enables easy sample reference and minimizes risk of sample mix-up
  • Made of polypropylene (PP) for high stability in freezing applications and smooth opening and closing


  • Long term storage of samples

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Sample Peace of Mind

The TCA-3 Temperature Monitoring System is an independent temperature monitor with alarm, power monitor, auto-dialer, and electronic chart recorder — all incorporated in a compact communication pod that works with any freezer with an access port for a temperature probe.


  • Alarm, autodialer, and electronic chart recorder all in one, with alerts via e-mail, voice mail, and/or text in the event of any temperature aberrations or power failure
  • Subscription-free service – no monthly or annual fees to store temperature data on secure, centralized data servers accessible from any device
  • Manage multiple TCA-3 from one account, each unit monitoring up to two freezers (optional additional temperature probe required)


  • Freezer temperature monitoring

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When Results Matter

Even the smallest details of our pipettes have been optimized to improve robustness, accuracy and ease of use. Setting new standards in pipettes, we design to improve the overall user experience and aid scientists in achieving the best results possible.


  • Specially optimized space aged polymers make Eppendorf pipettes robust and lightweight, maintaining accuracy over time
  • Components of the piston and counter system have been designed to reduce operating forces and improve user efficiency and comfort


  • Forward pipetting
  • Reverse pipetting
  • Sample mixing
  • Removal of supernatants

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Offers valid for purchases on Eppendorf's website only, expires Friday, March 31, 2017 and valid in the U.S. and Canada only.