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June 2017: CELLebrate the Savings!

HUGE Savings on Cell Culture Consumables

Experience a new dimension in cell culture with Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables. In the development of the portfolio we put a special focus on your needs for excellent cell performance and reliability as well as for advanced protection against contamination.

Eppendorf Cell Culture Dishes

Whenever you need direct access to your cells, dishes are the format of choice. Eppendorf cell culture dishes were designed with a focus on improved handling and stacking performance to ensure a new level of safe and carefree usage.


  • Packaging: the innovative design can be easily opened without tools and resealed without tape. The bags are shrinkable for space-saving, safe, and contamination-free storage of unused dishes
  • SplashProtect™ ring: With the Eppendorf dishes, a corrugated handling ring provides unsurpassed safety in handling during transportation and expansion of cells

Eppendorf Cell Culture Flasks

Workflow safety is combined with facilitated and ergonomic access to your cells in the Eppendorf Cell Culture Flasks. They are available in three sizes: T–25, T–75 and T–175 with TC treated or non–treated surfaces.


  • ConvexAccess™: neck geometry significantly facilitates the access to the growth area and makes cell seeding and media exchange more convenient, safe and reliable
  • Corrugated cap: Anti–rolling cap with corrugation and clear position marks in plug–seal caps to prevent undesired full–closing

Eppendorf Cell Culture Plates

Eppendorf Cell Culture Plates are tailored for the expansion of smaller cell numbers as well as for cell-based assays. We optimized the optical performance by enhancement of the planarity, material clarity, and reduction of the liquid meniscus to facilitate both manual and automated read-out.


  • ’The Edge effect’: The outer moat of the 96–well plate can be filled with liquid due to the innovative new chimney–well design of the plates. Thus inhomogeneous assay results due to the "edge effect" can be minimized
  • Safe handling: A pronounced corrugation of the plate lid and a smaller lid makes working with Eppendorf Cell Culture Plates extremely comfortable and safe

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