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01.07.2018 - 31.12.2018 | Bioprocessing

New Brunswick™ BioCommand software packages are designed to enhance your ability to monitor and control your fermentation and cell culture processes through your personal computer. BioCommand Track and Trend and Batch Control provide an automatic data logging platform, allow for remote monitoring and control strategies, and facilitate monitoring and supervision of several fementors and bioreactors from a single PC.

Which BioCommand is best for you? Two distinct BioCommand packages are offered for this promotion providing the tools needed for research, and, if needed, autonomous programming capability.

  • BioCommand Track and Trend: Ideal for basic lab management. This package provides full monitoring and historical record keeping capabilities; with control of setpoints, alarm settings, and trend displays.
  • BioCommand Batch Control: Includes all the features of Track and Trend, plus equipment lock and additional recipe features such as programming capability and a customizable synoptic display. The right choice to optimize and control your process.

Promotional offers

  • Purchase any BioFlo® 120 controller and receive BioCommand Track and Trend for FREE ($3,900 value) OR BioCommand Batch Control with programming capability at a significant discount (Promo price $5,080)
  • BioFlo 120 and BioCommand must be on the same purchase order
  • Promotion will be active to quote throughout 2018
  • Limit of one promotional software per customer order
  • Place your order using the catalog number listed below:

    • BCTTB120SP - BioCommand Track and Trend with BioFlo 120
    • BCBCB120SP - BioCommand Batch Control with BioFlo 120

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