Centrifuge 5430/5430 R Offers


18.06.2018 - 31.12.2018 | Centrifugation

Unique cross-over centrifuges 5430 and 5430 R combine the best features of a microcentrifuge (small footprint) and multipurpose centrifuge (versatility) in one instrument. These centrifuges spin rotors for Eppendorf Tubes® and PCR strips as you would expect from any microcentrifuge. But that‘s not all. In a compact size, Centrifuges 5430 and 5430 R also accommodate rotors for microplates, 15/50 mL conical tubes, and 5 mL tubes. With a maximum capacity of 48 x 1.5/2 mL tubes and a maximum speed of 30,000 x g, the Centrifuge 5430 fits the needs of most molecular biology laboratories.

Promotional offers

  • Special bundle savings on the purchase of a Centrifuge 5430/R with 30-or 48-place rotor package (save up to $1,265)
  • All packages available with either a 3-pack of Research plus or a 3-pack of Reference 2 pipettes plus a box of Eppendorf epT.I.P.S.® for each pipette size (up to a $1,040 value)

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