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Cell Culture Consumables Offer

Eppendorf asked “How can we make our customers’ work processes simpler, more secure, quicker and more reproducible?” We spent several years developing our new line of cell culture consumables; we met scientists in hundreds of cell culture laboratories worldwide to analyze their work processes. Now we have reached our goal and we are convinced that the all new product line of Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables will impress your cells.

Innovative technologies in Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables deliver exceptional levels of product purity and security. New high efficiency air filter technology in Eppendorf flasks provides improved contamination protection, while ConvexAccess™ neck geometry allows for ergonomic handling and facilitated entry into flasks. Meanwhile, a corrugated handling ring and new SplashProtect™ ring in dishes deliver safe, confident handling and better protection against contamination. Finally, Eppendorf’s new chimney well design in plates minimizes the “edge effect” and leads to more reproducible assay results.

Promotional offer

  • Purchase any two cases of Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables and receive a third case of the same product FREE (up to a $905 value)
  • Place your order using the promotional catalog numbers, select formats listed below
  • Special catalog numbers below are for 3 cases for the price of 2

    • 2231720113: 6-well Cell Culture Plates
    • 2231730119: 96-well Cell Culture Plates
    • 2231700112: 35 mm Cell Culture Dish
    • 2231701119: 60 mm Cell Culture Dish
    • 2231702115: 100 mm Cell Culture Dish
    • 2231710126: Cell Culture Flask T-25
    • 2231711122: Cell Culture Flask T-75
    • 2231712129: Cell Culture Flask T-175

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Offers valid for purchases on Eppendorf's website only, expires June 30, 2018 and valid in the U.S. and Canada only.