All-You-Need Pipette Bundle Offer


18.06.2018 - 31.12.2018 | Liquid Handling

The All-You-Need pipetting package was designed to give you the ability to accurately pipette any volume from 0.5 μL to 50 mL between any type of vessel (tubes, plates, bottles, etc.)

The package includes 3 air cushion pipettes for accurately pipetting volume ranges from 0.5 μL–1 mL to 100 μL–10 mL depending on which package option you choose. Also included is the Easypet 3 to simplify applications requiring large pipetting volumes up to 50 mL. The included M4 speeds up dispensing series with up to 100 dispenses from a single aspiration. And to round things out, redeem an 8-channel pipette for efficiently performing plate to plate transfers.

Complete your package and add epT.I.P.S. to your order. Eppendorf tips are designed to fit perfectly on our Eppendorf pipettes, ensuring a tight seal, improved accuracy and reproducibility, and better data.

Promotional offers

  • Save up to 35 %* on this specially designed pipetting package including 3 single-channel pipettes (Research® plus or Reference® 2), a carousel stand, Repeater M4, Easypet 3, and 8-channel pipette**
  • Carousel stand (a $154 value), Repeater M4 (a $590 value), and Easypet 3 (a $480 value) are included in the delivery package together with the 3-pack of single channel pipettes
  • Do you want tips with your pipettes? Save 30 % when you buy the matching tip bundles together with an All-You-Need package

Redeem your FREE 8-channel (a $1,078* value) Research plus or Reference 2 pipette** at:

* Savings compared to purchase of individual items at list price.
** Purchase of an all-you-need Research plus bundle qualifies for redemption of a FREE Research plus 8-channel pipette, Reference 2 bundle qualifies for redemption of a FREE Reference 2 8-channel pipette.

Ordering information:
- Order Eppendorf Reference 2 (Cat#: 2231000223, 2231000225, 2231000227)- Order Eppendorf Research plus (Cat#: 2231000222, 2231000224, 2231000226)
- Order epT.I.P.S. Reloads (Cat#: 2231000426, 2231000428, 2231000430)
- Order ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. (Cat#: 2231000411, 2231000427, 2231000429, 2231000431)