Electronic Repeater and TrackIT Pipette Tracking System Offer


01.07.2018 - 31.12.2018 | Liquid Handling

Add an electronic Repeater E3/x to your lab and start keeping better track of your pipettes with Eppendorf’s TrackIT system.

Based on the positive displacement principle, Eppendorf’s electronic Repeater® and Combitip system makes long series pipetting tasks accurate and efficient. You can dispense up to 100 times with a single aspiration and save up to 255 commonly used settings with a favorites feature. E3x models go even further with modes like Titration and Sequential pipetting.

Eppendorf’s TrackIT system is a combination RFID reader and software that keeps track of data on your pipettes. There is a wealth of data you can store on your pipettes including latest calibration data, what bench the pipette belongs to or even customizable fields. This system is great for any lab that needs extended record keeping of their pipettes. It’s all digital and works with current models of Eppendorf pipettes including: Research plus, Reference 2, Xplorer and Xplorer plus, Repeater M4, and Repeater E3/x.

Promotional offers

  • 35 % in savings with this Repeater E3/x and TrackIT offer
  • Redeem your Eppendorf TrackIT pipette tracking system (a $654 value) with the purchase of a Repeater E3/x

Redeem your FREE Eppendorf TrackIT at: www.eppendorf-us.com/redemptions

Ordering info:
- Repeater E3/x
- Eppendorf TrackIT