epMotion® NGS Library Prep Automation Bundles


01.07.2018 - 31.12.2018 | Liquid Handling

Next-generation sequencing sample preparation is a labor-intensive process, which requires experience, precision and accuracy to generate high-quality NGS libraries. The Eppendorf epMotion can automate this pipetting-intensive protocol into a ready-to-run procedure with minimal user-interventions and setup time. To minimize programming time and get you up and running quickly, Eppendorf provides pre-optimized and manufacturer-qualified NGS reagent kit methods that will guarantee reproducible preparation of high-quality NGS libraries—comparable or better to those from manual preparation. Trust in the Eppendorf epMotion to automate your NGS library preparation and eliminate the risk of human pipetting errors and provide reproducible results and increase overall productivity.

Promotional offer

  • Save $1,911 when purchasing an epMotion NGS bundle
  • Bundles include FREE twin.tec LoBind PCR plates to improve yield of transcript species in NGS library preparation
  • Bundles include FREE Enhanced Feature Set 1 software upgrade which provides Intelligent Dispensing Tool Selection, Automatic Sample Number calculation, Start at command “X”, and Email notification
  • Includes on-site Application Implementation support to program one method including optimization of all liquid classes needed to run the application to the best of the instruments capability

Ordering information:
- epMotion 5073m
- epMotion 5075t
- twin.tec PCR plates, LoBind