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epT.I.P.S.® Starter Pack

epT.I.P.S.—the original Eppendorf “Totally Integrated Pipetting System”—are optimally coordinated to Eppendorf pipettes and, meet EN ISO 8655 requirements. This has resulted in minimal attachment and ejection forces with the highest level of tightness. Fine Graduations make visual checks of the pipetting volume easier. Eppendorf epT.I.P.S. Boxes are fully autoclavable and meant for use with our epT.I.P.S. Reloads. Eppendorf epT.I.P.S. Boxes (Eppendorf Quality™) and epT.I.P.S. Reloads (Eppendorf Quality) are the perfect system to reduce pipette tip box waste in the laboratory.

The Research plus is remarkably light both in terms of weight and pipetting forces, setting new standards for ergonomic operation. It also features a spring loaded tip cone ensuring a secure seal, low attachment forces, and easy ejection.

Promotional offer

  • Save 22 % off epT.I.P.S. starter pack, includes an Eppendorf Research plus variable single-channel pipette, 6 epT.I.P.S. Boxes (6 Boxes of 96 tips each) in Eppendorf Quality and 6 cases of epT.I.P.S. Reloads (60 trays x 96 tips each) in Eppendorf Quality. That’s a total of 6,336 tips!

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