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Maxipettor® Starter Pack

The Maxipettor is the ideal instrument for accurately pipetting larger volumes of liquid. Whether you are a cell culture lab pipetting medium into a flask, a chemistry lab pipetting out of large reagent bottles, or even if you need to accurately pipette 1 mL to 10 mL of buffer, the Maxipettor provides pipetting accuracy that goes beyond a typical serological pipette. It is a pipetting tool that can be used by many labs from the academic lab to industrial, food testing, environmental or even quality control labs.

The Maxipettor is very easy to use with a one-hand operation that significantly speeds up pipetting tasks. It has a continuously adjustable volume dial with a 4 digit display that clicks into place every 10 μL. You can pipette volumes from 1 mL to 10 mL much more accurately than measuring volumes with graduation marks on a tube, flask, or serological tip.

Two different consumable systems are available for the Maxipettor, the Maxitips P and Maxitips S. The Maxitips P are a positive displacement system that increases accuracy when working with difficult liquids like viscous liquids or high vapor pressure liquids. And with the Maxitips S you get extra reach to pipette out of large bottles or tall, narrow vessels.

Promotional offer

  • Save 34 % (a $421 value) on this starter pack that includes the Maxipettor pipette and 2 boxes of associated consumables
  • The package includes a case of Maxitips P (a $215 value) that includes 100 tips
  • The package includes a Maxitips S starter pack (a $206 value) that includes 100 tips, 10 dispensing parts, and 10 valves

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