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August 2017: Monthly Offers

Here at Eppendorf, we want to ensure that your laboratory has everything it needs for another successful year. Check out the great deals below for all your Liquid Handling and Consumables needs.

Tools for the Trade

Even the smallest details of our pipettes have been optimized to improve robustness, accuracy and ease of use. Setting new standards in pipettes, we design to improve the overall user experience and aid scientists in achieving the best results possible.

Get the tools that your lab needs at today. Save 30 % off Eppendorf 3, 4 ,6-packs of Research plus and Reference 2 pipettes.

  • Specially optimized space aged polymers make Eppendorf pipettes robust and lightweight, maintaining accuracy over time.
  • Components of the piston and counter system have been designed to reduce operating forces and improve user efficiency and comfort


  • Forward pipetting
  • Reverse pipetting
  • Sample mixing
  • Removal of supernatants


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BLOWOUT SALE: 50 % Off Eppendorf Tube Racks*

Eppendorf Tube Racks and Eppendorf Cuvette Racks are ideal for sample processing, transport, and short- to mid-term storage of samples.


* Only valid on catalog #: 022364243, 022364227, 0030119495, 940001102)

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Treat Your Cells!

Experience a new dimension in cell culture with Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables. In the development of the portfolio we put a special focus on your needs for excellent cell performance and reliability as well as for advanced protection against contamination.

  • Packaging: the innovative design can be easily opened without tools and resealed without tape. The bags are shrinkable for space-saving, safe, and contamination-free storage of unused dishes.
  • ConvexAccess™: neck geometry significantly facilitates the access to the growth area and makes cell seeding and media exchange more convenient, safe and reliable
  • ’The Edge effect’: The outer moat of the 96–well plate can be filled with liquid due to the innovative new chimney–well design of the plates. Thus inhomogeneous assay results due to the "edge effect" can be minimized.


  • Expansion and culture of adherent and suspension cells on TC treated or on non-treated polystyrene
  • Performance of cell-based assays and microscopic analysis

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Offers valid for purchases on Eppendorf's website only, expires Thursday, August 31, 2017 and valid in the U.S. and Canada only.