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March 2018 Monthly Offers

Our positive displacement Biomaster® 4830 pipette is ideal for accurately pipetting samples between 1-20 µL. The Biomaster with Mastertips uses positive displacement to accurately dispense the exact volume of your sample even with difficult liquids like viscous or foamy solutions. Learn more about our Biomaster and Mastertips deal below.

The Biomaster, Positively delightful!

Experience contamination free pipetting with volumes between 1-20 µL with the Eppendorf Biomaster. When used in combination with the Eppendorf Mastertip, the tip’s integrated piston creates a system utilizing the positive displacement principle. Similar to our Combitips, this system eliminates the potential for aerosol contamination and offers extra precision with difficult liquids like viscous or foamy liquids.


  • One-button operation (pipetting and tip ejection included into the operating button) for fast and ergonomic pipetting.
  • Volume lock prevents accidental volume changes
  • Mastertips are positive displacement tip to prevent pipette contamination and guarantee accurate pipetting of viscous solutions or liquids with high-vapor pressure

Get a FREE Biomaster pipette when you purchase two cases of Mastertips. Just add all three items to your cart and apply the promo code below for instant savings.

Promo code: BIOMASTER2018



Concentrate on You!

The Eppendorf Vacufuge® plus is the ideal solution for concentrating your sample. It does so by lowering the pressure in the chamber to increase the evaporation rate. Additional modes allow you to change the temperature and solvent type (aqueous, alcoholic, high vapor pressure) to create the most efficient environment for quickly concentrating your samples.


  • Chemical-resistant, maintenance-free PTFE diaphragm pump and top coated lid
  • Three operation modes (vacufuge, centrifuge, and desiccator) for a variety of application needs
  • Choice of three application modes (aqueous, alcohol or high vapor pressure) to correspond with sample solvent for a reduction of processing time

Purchase our Vacufuge plus complete system (unit, integrating pump, and concentration trap) for just $6,295.00 (39 % in savings). Order Cat# 022820109



Offers valid for purchases on Eppendorf's website only, expires Saturday, March 31, 2018 and valid in the U.S. and Canada only.