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May 2018 Monthly Offers

With spring comes new and exciting solutions from Eppendorf. The new ViscoTip® is the ideal solution for pipetting high viscosity liquids that have been difficult to handle in the past. To learn more, see below.

Got a sticky situation?

The ViscoTip is specifically designed and optimized for handling high viscosity liquids such as glycerol 99.5 %, Tween, oils, creams, shampoos or honey. It sharply reduces operating forces while handling such liquids leading to enhanced ergonomics, increased working speed and longer charge lifetime of your Repeater battery.


  • Specialized for liquids with a dynamic viscosity from 200 mPa*s to 14,000 mPa*s
  • For dispensing volumes from 100 µL to 10 mL in increments of 10 µL
  • Don't waste time calculating: Automatic tip recognition and volume calculation in Repeater® M4/E3(x)


  • Positive displacement principle (comparable to a syringe)
  • Dispensing highly viscous liquids

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Perfectly Paired: Repeater E3/x and Combitips advanced

The Repeater E3/E3x in combination with the Combitips advanced® creates a versatile dispensing system that functions according to the positive displacement principle and is therefore capable of pipetting any liquid while maintaining the highest standards for accurate results.


  • Automatic Combitip and Viscotip recognition: Eliminates time consuming volume calculations, avoiding incorrect dispensing volumes
  • Positive displacement system: Not affected by liquid properties, most manual pipetting errors and provides protection from aerosol contamination
  • Repetitive dispensing modes: Decrease the number of movements for the user by allowing them to fill the tip once and dispense up to 100 times without a refill


  • Repetitive dispensing of volumes in long series such as tube or plate filling, aliquoting reagents and kit usage
  • Pooling of supernatants (Aspiration mode)
  • Creation of dilution series (Sequential Dispensing mode)

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Easy Liquid Handling with the Easypet 3

The Easype®t 3 was designed with the latest technological developments and now pipetting speed is controlled simply with the tips of your fingers, allowing you to experience more sensitive control of the meniscus. Eppendorf’s Serological Pipets are designed to work in perfect harmony with your Easypet 3. Improve your liquid handling with tools you can rely on.

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  • Easypet 3 is lightweight, well-balanced and ergonomic design that allows for fatigue-free pipetting
  • Convenient speed adjustment simply done with the tips of your fingers


  • Serial dispensing of aliquots of different volumes
  • Resuspension of bacteria or cell pellets
  • Aspiration of cell layer from, e.g., Ficoll® gradient


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