Still Waiting for Your PCR Run to Finish?


07/01/2020 - 12/31/2020 | PCR

Get optimized, reproducible PCR results FASTER with the Mastercycler® X50 family of thermocyclers with a ramp rate of 10 °C/s..

Why You Will Love It

  • Increase throughput with one of the industry’s fastest temperature ramp rates
  • Optimize your PCR with the 2D gradient for annealing and denaturation temperatures in a single run
  • Control multiple units connected to a network to increase efficiency


Save up to 32% on select Eppendorf X50 Mastercyclers.

Order information

Mastercycler X50a, aluminum block, 110 V and PCR cooler. Promotional offer.

Order No. : 2231000668

List price $9,432.00

Your price $6,399.00

Mastercycler X50a and X50L bundle. Promotional offer.

Order No. : 2231000678

List price $16,940.00

Your price $12,399.00

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