Sharing isn’t Always Caring


01/01/2021 - 06/30/2021 | PCR

Sharing a thermocycler can limit productivity by minimizing the number of experiments taking place. Get more done with the Mastercycler® nexus gradient bundle and X2e(eco) bundle and give your busy lab the flexibility it needs to thrive.


  • Optimize workflows by running multiple protocols in parallel for various applications with 2 independent blocks on the X2e and 12 column gradient function on the nexus
  • Enjoy high quality thermocyclers with consistent block temperature and limited evaporation with the flexlid
  • Enjoy total consumable flexibility with the nexus universal block and flexlid
  • Eppendorf is a trusted brand – experience the peace of mind that comes with reliability


  • Get the Mastercycler nexus gradient and X2e bundle and save 35% off the regular price.
  • Get the Mastercycler nexus or nexus gradient and save 40% off the regular price.

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PROMO: Mastercycler nexus, 115 V/50–60 Hz

Order No. : 2231000764

List price $7,280.00

Your price $4,350.00

PROMO: Mastercycler nexus gradient, 115 V/50–60 Hz

Order No. : 2231000765

List price $8,190.00

Your price $4,899.00

PROMO: Mastercycler nexus gradient, 110 V/50–60 Hz and Mastercycler nexus X2e, 100–110 V/50–60 Hz

Order No. : 2231000766

List price $14,690.00

Your price $9,450.00

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