Female scientist in digital lab is holding a smartphone in der hand while male scientist in digital lab is holding a tablet in his hand.

Explore the Digital Lab

Your research enhanced with digital solutions

Streamlined processes and operations are crucial for a successful laboratory. Discover smart lab management software solutions for increased productivity when handling routine tasks in your lab.

Eppendorf Visionary Technologies

The Lab 4.0 is advancing. Tune in and see how visionary technologies support your and your labs needs.

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Eppendorf Digital Lab Solutions

Man at the bench using the lab management software to control the intelligent lab

Explore the world of VisioNize® Lab Suite

  • Device remote monitoring
  • Sample security
  • Data management
  • Maintenance scheduling


: Someone working with eLab, the electronic lab notebook (ELN)

Learn more about eLAB®

  • Electronic lab notebook for your research documentation
  • Sample inventory management
  • Protocol creation and management
Green tick lights up on the connected pipette, all entered settings have been transferred in digital lab.

Connected electronic pipettes 

Redefine your pipetting routine with the VisioNize pipette manager

: Scientist's hand scanning CryoStorage Vial in digital lab

Sample identification with SafeCode™

Stay organized and know every tube. Ensure sample traceability  and data reliability.

Learn more about Digitalization in our White Papers

How are Your Data Compliance and Regulatory Integrity Doing?

Digital management solutions are gaining popularity in labs. Discover the advantages of using digital solutions over traditional logbook records.

The digital, connected lab for sample security, conformity with compliance needs & optimized lab management.

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Learn more about the strong interaction between digitalization and sustainability:

- Scientific congresses: Online versus on-site

- Performance: Remote monitoring of instruments

- Tracking: Sample management and documentation

- Real costs: Power consumption and resources of servers

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What Digitalization can do for you and your lab

Coming soon: VisioNize® Lab Suite - Experiment Management

Explore a new experience of digitalized protocols, workflows and more

Smart Storage with
the CryoCube® F740hi

By combining the longevity and quality of our existing freezers with digital lab solutions, we have designed a new and more secure way to store your high value samples.

Smart Incubation with
the CellXpert® C170i

Establish cell-conserving user habits by connecting your CO2 incubator to VisioNize Lab Suite.

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