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eLabInventory software - Lab Sample Management

Product Information

Stay organized - Keep track of your samples with eLabInventory
With eLabInventory software you can efficiently track any sample in the lab. Whether you want to track cell lines, tissue specimens, bacterial strains, DNA, RNA, proteins, or any biobank, you can set up templates to track any information about any item in your lab inventory.

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Product Information


Keep track of your samples with eLabInventory
eLabInventory is a sample management software provided by Bio-ITech, an Eppendorf subsidiary. The tool organizes any item in the laboratory inventory, including specimens, materials, samples, and chemicals. Store samples in self-configured storage units such as freezers or refrigerators. eLabInventory is flexible and fully configurable to work in your laboratory.
eLabInventory is part of the eLabNext database solution. The software system offers a centralized and GLP-compliant solution that keeps an automatic audit trail of items stored in the freezer. eLabInventory provides an efficient way to track and trace your lab inventory stored in any physical storage location in the lab, including -80 °C or -20 °C freezers, refrigerators, safety cabinets, and more.

Secure and compliant
eLabInventory automatically logs a full audit trail of any sample in the lab. Changes to samples are kept in a chronologically ordered event log in accordance with (21 CFR part 11. Items removed from the lab inventory are automatically archived and can be recovered at any time.

Intuitive and easy-to-use
Virtualize the entire lab and set up storage locations according to your lab specifications. Easily browse through storage locations to store or locate samples in the lab. Centralize your entire lab inventory with eLabInventory.

Keep stocks up to date
You can centralize orders by keeping track of quantities, and you can receive notifications when chemicals, samples, and consumables run out of stock. You can order more efficiently and safely.

Intuitive design – Freezer completely virtualized, including all racks, drawers and boxes for easy sample registration
Flexible sample type templates – Custom sample type templates to associate any information with a stored sample (including file attachments)
2D barcode labelling – Generates 2D barcodes that can be printed to label vials and scanned for easy sample identification
Audit trail – Keeps track of all changes in sample information for all samples in a chronological change log
Secured personal login – User-specific login to restrict access, optionally secured with 2-step verification
User roles and permissions – Restrict system actions for users by defining different user roles and permissions
Accessibility – Available in the cloud to be accessed anywhere from any web-enabled device
Collaboration – Centralized lab inventory system that offers a solution for small labs up to large organizations to share information about stored sample collections

Data security
Data security is a concern to organizations that are looking to implement a web-based inventory and sample tracking system. Although the advantages of cloud solutions are widely acknowledged, the use of cloud applications sometimes conflicts with strict company security policies. Bio-ITech BV, the producer of the inventory and sample tracking system eLabInventory understands these concerns and therefore security always has been a top priority.
Bio-ITech, part of the Eppendorf Group, works in accordance to the strict requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard to ensure that all the required measures are taken to ensure the safeguarding of your data.
The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification of Bio-ITech enables organizations to take the advantage of the eLabInventory Cloud solution while complying with strict company policies. Still, if your company policy excludes the use of any cloud vendor, eLabInventory is also available as the eLabInventory Private Cloud and the eLabInventory On-Premise installation. 

Trying to decipher some vessel labels?

“Stored vessels must be labeled” – in principle, every lab member confirms this. In reality you always find some (or even more) vessels in your freezer without any labeling or with a labeling looking like art. In many labs, there is a second rule: Label-free vessels are disposed as soon as they are found.

Proper labeling is recommended to make reading as easy and reliable as possible for everyone. Printed labels on vessels can contain either plain writing or barcode or both. In other words – smart labeling of your high-value samples is crucial for safe identification and finally for safe results. Manage your barcoded samples with sample management software like eLabInventory.

Safe sample identification needed?

eLabInventory software can handle barcoded vessels. QR-codes or data matrix codes enable a safe sample identification. Code reading can be done by standard hand-held scanners. The sample data are transferred to the database. No risk of missreading anymore.

Safe identification of samples during workflows needed?

During your workflow, you might need to document every step of your samples. This can include pipetting steps, incubation or mixing with a mixer, or preparation for storage of your high value samples. QR-coded or data matrix coded sample vessels enable a safe sample identification during this process. Code reading can be done by standard hand-held scanners.

Sample Identification at the freezer or at the bench?

By using the eLabInventory App, barcoded vessels can be read out by a mobile device. Easy identification of your sample without special equipment.

Safe and sorted sample storage requested?

Freezer storage boxes help to store thousands of samples vessels in a proper and sorted way. The boxes should be stored in metal freezer racks for efficient space usage within the ULT freezer.
Barcoding of sample vessels enables safe identification of all your high-value samples. The barcode info can be transferred into eLabInventory software.