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eLabJournal software - Electronic Lab Notebook

Product Information

Struggling with paper-based documentation?

Many scientists still use spreadsheets or paper-based notebooks to keep track of their experiments. These solutions are proven and used for many decades. Still, they are susceptible to human error, damage, and misplacement.
Documentation of working steps can be done in a digital manner.
The eLabJournal Electronic Lab Notebook offers an intuitive and flexible software solution to document research and track research data.

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Product Information


eLabJournal is part of the eLabNext database solution. The software offers an intuitive and flexible solution to manage all information in your lab. The all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) also includes modules for sample tracking and protocol management. eLabJournal improves efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching and archiving data, samples and protocols. The software is suitable for any lab ranging from small academic laboratories and start-up companies to large academic institutes and globally operating companies. Designed by scientists for scientists.

Access your data from anywhere
The drawback of locally stored data is obvious: You have to be at that specific office or lab computer to check out your data. Or even enter the lab to have a look in your classic paper-based lab notebook. In contrast to these limitations, eLabJournal is a web-based ELN that allows you to access your data on any device, anytime, anywhere. You just need your access code. Mobile access is available through the eLabJournal mobile App (Android & iOS).

Improve your efficiency
Streamline your lab workflow by documenting and searching research data, tracking sample collections, managing protocols or SOPs, and centralizing lab supplies ordering. All kind of data can be collected in one database.

One solution to all your lab needs
eLabJournal is a fully integrated solution for data, sample, and protocol management in your lab.

Receive support from fellow scientists
By standard, the usage of eLabJournal is as intuitive as possible. Still, you may have a question here or there. Contact us. Our account managers all have a background in life science research. We understand the language of the lab and are happy to offer solutions to the problems you are facing.

Build effective teams
Collaborate and share data with your colleagues in the same lab, other departments, or even other organizations with a broad range of functionalities.

Be compliant
With eLabJournal your lab is able to comply to regulatory guidelines. Experiments can be signed and counter-signed with electronic signatures to be locked for further modification in accordance with the FDA 21 CFR part 11 guidelines.

Worried about data security?

Data security is a concern to organizations that are looking to implement a web-based inventory and sample tracking system. Although the advantages of cloud solutions are widely acknowledged, the use of cloud applications sometimes conflicts with strict company security policies. Bio-ITech BV, the producer of the inventory and sample tracking system eLabInventory understands these concerns and therefore security always has been a top priority.
Bio-ITech works in accordance to the strict requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard to ensure that all the required measures are taken to ensure the safeguarding of your data.
The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification of Bio-ITech enables organisations to take the advantage of the eLabJournal Cloud solution while complying with strict company policies. Still, if your company policy excludes the use of any cloud vendor, eLabJournal is also available as the eLabJournal Private Cloud and the eLabJournal On-Premise installation. 

Documenting amplification data within your process?

DNA amplification is a common part in many protocols. The protocol used as well as results needs to be documented. Benefit from a convenient and intuitive data documentation combined with a state-of-the-art user interface of a Mastercycler X50.

Curious about the software handling?

Follow the different screens of eLabJournal to discover how easy the documentation of scientific workflows and results can be for you. In the next step, we reommend you to check out your personal 30-day-free-trial:

Visit www.eLabJournal.com

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