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Cell Manipulation Ergonomics - Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®

Scientist working in front of a microscope meanwhile she is using two ergonomic joysticks of Eppendorf for cell manipulation.
Cell manipulation can mean hours of sitting in front of the microscope. An ergonomic chair is one aspect to support your backbone. Ergonomic arrangements of your equipment help as well.

Support needed?

During long sessions, a microscope’s joystick needs to properly support your wrist so you can work comfortably at your workstation.
The DualSpeed function lets you optimally handle cells while protecting your wrist.

Female scientist in the laboratory handling comfortably a microscope’s joystick while use the DualSpeed function.

Still turning your wheels

Micromanipulation requires the usage of microinjectors and other microscale equipment.
While you turn wheels to control the injector, you also monitor the situation in the microscope. This kind of blind usage of the injector should be supported by ergonomic turning wheels and a two-way zoom for different speeds help support you while you carry out your work.

Person handling microinjectors and other microscale equipment used in cell manipulation, while working with the microscope.