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Get 23% off to improve your manual pipetting

Level-up your pipetting — go electronic


Get 23% off to improve your manual pipetting with promotion code "WhatsNext"

This offer includes:
  • Xplorer®
  • Xplorer® plus
Experience a new level of simplicity, precision and reproducibility by upgrading from mechanical to electronic pipetting. Why upgrade?
  • Digital input of settings and exact piston movement allow for improved user-to-user reproducibility
  • Various operating modes are available to increase your efficiency (e.g., “dispensing” to fill plates faster)
  • Light-touch buttons for improved ergonomics

Get 23% off your standard price when you purchase before June 30, 2023.

Do something good for your existing pipettes

Pipettes are precision instruments whose normal wear may lead to inaccuracies over time. Commit yourself to long-term quality results and maintain the precision and accuracy of your pipettes with our pipette service