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Platform for Innova® 2300/43/43R, Excella® E10/E25/E25R

Catalog No. AG-2

Price Kč 34,920.00



Product Information

  • 76 × 46 cm (30 × 18 in), aluminum
  • 2 L Erlenmeyer flask dedicated platform, for 2 L wide neck Erlenmeyer flasks (DIN-ISO 24450), bottom diameter ~153 mm. For 2 L narrow neck Erlenmeyer, Thomson, or Corning flasks (DIN-ISO 1773) bottom diameter ~166 mm please refer to universal platform and clamps M1190-9004.

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  • Flask Capacity: 12

Downloads: Platform for Innova® 2300/43/43R, Excella® E10/E25/E25R


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