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High-Throughput Screening Solution

High-throughput screening for the identification of antibody hits in culture supernatants of hybridoma clones is usually performed in microtiter plates (MTPs) with 96 or more wells. Various methods are required and all include multiple centrifugation steps of temperature-sensitive samples in MTPs. Refrigerated benchtop Centrifuge 5920 R in combination with swing-bucket Rotor S-4x1000 with plate/tube buckets offer super-high capacity of up to 28 MTPs per run and an advanced cooling performance for optimal sample protection.

Increased Efficiency‌

Improved Sample Safety‌

Better Ergonomics‌


Centrifuge 5920 R
  • High-throughput multipurpose centrifuge with very high capacity, refrigerated for temperature sensitive samples
  • New optional mobile tables lower centrifuge to an ergonomic height for easy loading and unloading
  • Max. capacity: 4 × 1,000 mL/4 × 7 MTP

Plate Carrier
  • For MTP, DWP and PCR plates
  • Max. capacity: 7 x MTP/PCR plates or 2 x DWP
  • Max. speed: 3,030 × g
Rotor S-4x1000 with plate/tube buckets
  • High capacity swing-bucket rotor for high-throughput plate and tubes applications
  • Aerosol-tight caps optional available
  • Max. speed: 3,076 × g (3,700 rpm)

Solution for Your mAb Challenges