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Versatility Solution

Purifying peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), FACS/Flow cytometry and hybridoma technology include multiple centrifugation steps of temperature-sensitive samples in many different consumables. This requires great versatility and an advanced temperature management. In addition, PBMC isolation by Ficoll gradient centrifugation must be carried out with a minimum of vibration during deceleration (breaking) within reasonable time. Refrigerated benchtop Centrifuge 5910 R in combination with swing-bucket Rotor S-4xUniversal offer great versatile and an advanced cooling performance for optimal sample protection. For faster high-yield PBMC isolation, acceleration and deceleration ramps can be selected individually.

Increased Efficiency‌

Improved Sample Safety‌

Better Ergonomics‌


Centrifuge 5910 R
  • Super versatile multipurpose centrifuge with high capacity for broad range of consumables, refrigerated for temperature sensitive samples.
  • New swing-bucket standard-rotor S-4xUniversal and its unique universal adapters accommodate bottles, plates and conical tubes.
  • Max. capacity: 4 × 1,000 mL/4 × 5 MTP

Universal Adapter 1
  • For 5.0 mL and 15 mL conical tubes, MTP/DWP
  • Max. capacity: 17 x 5/15 mL tubes or 1 x MTP/DWP
  • Max. speed: 4,324 × g (tubes), 3,237 × g (plates)
Rotor S-4xUniversal with buckets
  • Swing-bucket rotor for broad range of high capacity applications in tubes, bottles and plates
  • Aerosol-tight caps optional available.
  • Max. speed: 18,565 × g (15,060 rpm).

Universal Adapter 3
  • For 25 mL and 50 mL conical tubes, 250 mL bottles, MTP
  • Max. capacity: 7 x 25/50 mL tubes, 1 x bottles or MTP
  • Max. speed: 4,324 × g (50 mL tubes), 2,604 × g (plates)

Solution for Your mAb Challenges