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Man in the office using VisioNize to monitor the laboratory.

VisioNize® – You and Your Lab. Connected.

VisioNize® is the Eppendorf laboratory monitoring system and digital platform, delivering valuable services in and around our Eppendorf devices – to continuously improve your lab life by increasing efficiency, convenience, and reduce cost-of-ownership in the laboratory.

Why you should use a laboratory monitoring system?

  • Manage your lab from any location and have more time for your research
  • Increase productivity and avoid downtime of your lab equipment through customizable notifications
  • Stay ahead of your lab life with alarm and event notifications

A computer, tablet, smartphone and watch can access the VisioNize® Digital Lab Space to remotely monitor the lab.

How does it work?

VisioNize® offers you services to remotely monitoring your lab equipment and allows you to set customizable notifications to meet your and your lab’s needs. All our VisioNize services are hosted in the VisioNize Digital Lab. Subscribe for your own laboratory monitoring system and securely guide your lab towards a smart future.

Remotely monitor your lab equipment

Monitor your laboratory equipment in real-time, whenever and wherever you want, and benefit from enhanced insights into equipment health and sample safety with VisioNize® .

Check your device when you receive an alarm and follow up with precise decision making. As a researcher, for example, you can check the status of your program run and plan your next workflow steps.

A couple of scientists checking the monitoring dashboard of VisioNize on the computer.

Respond to issues quickly!

With VisioNize® , you can set up customized notifications based on individual interest and needs. Alarm and error messages can be send out via email and SMS text messaging.

Man using the laboratory monitoring system VisioNize® from his phone.

Smartness within reach! How to get started?

Arrange your laboratory monitoring system now.
All you need to know on how to setup VisioNize in you lab, which IT conditions are needed and more…

Scientist with posture of thinking.

Interested in a Demostration?

Make an appointment with one of our product specialists.

Important note
Depending on your country, VisioNize and the VisioNize services may not be available. You can either check the Eppendorf eShop or contact your Eppendorf Sales representative for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions‌

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