Eppendorf Planet of Knowledge
Eppendorf Planet of Knowledge

Enter "Eppendorf Planet of Knowledge" and discover a galaxy of interesting and worth knowing content about the Eppendorf product world and its application areas.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our Eppendorf experts and sales staff around the world have found it difficult to stay in touch with you, our customers. Events such as trade shows were postponed or cancelled, customer visits were no longer allowed for security reasons - so a solution had to be found.


We present: "Eppendorf Planet of Knowledge"!

A virtual platform, where you only need to register once to get access to any Virtual event on this platform and to receive exclusive content anytime on demand.

Keep an eye out for our special one-day events at our Planet of Knowledge. At these events we present you, among other things:
-    live webinars and discussion rounds
-    product launches
-    and the opportunity to chat with one of our Eppendorf Experts.

You can find our upcoming events under the “Coming Soon” section.

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