Varispenser® 2/2x – universal and uncompromising

    Varispenser 2/2x Eppendorf - the ideal choice for trouble free dispensing of challenging liquids from reagent bottles in 6 volumes up to 100 mL.

    These bottletop dispensers come with innovative improvements to make your dispensing works safe and convenient.

    Your benefits:


    • Proven technology
    • Amazing accessories
    • Chemical resistance

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    Proven technology

    New features

    •  Safety valve balls prevent leakage when discharge tube is not mounted.
    • The screwable air vent cap allows easy assembly of filter or drying tube.
    • The standard GL 45 thread with 360° rotation on all sizes fits most bottle threads.

    New design

    • Volume scale and square shaped slide for clear visibility, precise adjustment and safe volume fixation. The oval shaped dispenser housing enables safe gripping for transportation.
    • The recirculation valve lever allows smooth set of recirculation or dispensing position.


    Amazing Accessories

    Applications with high demand on aggressiveness of chemical, high throughput or high demand on sterility need accessories like drying tube, flexible discharge tube, filter or ETFE bottle thread adapters.

    Choosing the right accessory for your bottletop dispenser

    • speeds up your workflow
    • reduces the risk of contamination
    • helps to reduce plastic waste as a consumable like a pipette tip for liquid transfer is not needed

    Chemical resistance

    • For use with a wide range of compatible liquids
      • Corrosive and inflammable liquids
      • Liquids of high viscosity
      • Detergent solutions
      • Foaming liquids
      • Liquids with high vapor pressure or density

    • Superior sealing over a wide range of temperatures and viscosities.

    If you want to dispense e.g. fuming acids, often used in chemical industry, you need to make sure, they are kept free from moisture. The drying tube – filled with moisture absorber – is the ideal accessory for this application.


    Learn more

    How to overcome special challenges when dispensing aggressive liquids.

    Using the right accessory with bottle top dispensers offers several possibilities beyond simple single stroke dispensing. Special adapters made from ETFE increase the chemical stability. Accessories like a drying tube protect fuming acids from dilution or alkaline solutions from formation of carbonates and filling of small, narrow vessels in a rack can be executed precisely with a spiral tube which can easily be attached in the place of the discharge tube.

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