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Do you already have a new Eppendorf device with a touch screen?

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Out-of-the-box connectivity with VisioNize® -onboard devices: Four devices are ready to go!

If this is not the case, you can buy a connect ware .

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Would you also like to connect older Eppendorf devices or devices from other third-party providers?

VisioNize® Lab Suite is designed to be a vendor-agnostic solution that works for all kinds of lab equipment*. Ranging from freezer to pipettes and including Eppendorf and non-Eppendorf lab equipment.

Check out the VisioNize® Lab Suite Setup Guide for guidance or contact us for help with creating a precise planning and placing an order.

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Retrieve critical VisioNize® Lab Suite parameters in other platforms

The VisioNize® Lab Suite digital product consolidates several digital tools and is designed to serve as an open system for sensor and Eppendorf device data that will be integrated into the software tools you have selected for the laboratory. This approach helps prevent the creation of data silos and provides users with a single software interface to access all relevant information.

VisioNize® Lab Suite integration into the clustermarket platform

Integration involves combining software and hardware components from Eppendorf with Clustermarket’s operating system, giving scientists access to a holistic IoT-device and lab-management solution.

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