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Leveraging Device Monitoring Data

In Clustermarket with VisioNize® Lab Suite

Improve your lab workflows and planning of equipment

With the VisioNize® Lab Suite integration in the Clustermarket platform, you gain access to live data from your instruments while managing your instrument fleet.

Access live data from instruments – anytime and anywhere

Being able to check temperature, speed, and gas concentration of your instruments, track the program status of your biological shaker or monitor the centrifugation step from afar helps you to be more productive and use your valuable time in a more meaningful way. Ensure data compliance, receive alerts, and prevent sample loss.

Barrier free movement – Data & People

Do you want to see live IOT data of an equipment when planning your equipment usage? This information is fetched directly from VisioNize® Lab Suite. A seamless journey between both digital tools will enhance efficiency, good lab management practices and help avoid using multiple siloed software tools.

Your Access to VisioNize® Lab Suite

Get access to VNLS and activate your Clustermarket integration in two easy steps:

Step 1:

Sign up for VisioNize® Lab Suite

Step 2:

See how to activate your integration on Clustermarket

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About the partnership
Scientific teams will always use multiple digital tools in their labs, and we believe these tools should be possible to integrate seamlessly into each other to allow scientists access to all of their data in one place.Clustermarket has partnered with Eppendorf VisioNize® to allow our users to experience a seamless real time data connection between the Clustermarket equipment booking software and VisioNize® ’s vendor-agnostic remote instrument monitoring solution.Alongside the real-time data sharing, this integration also helps ensure data compliance, sends alert notifications if there is an unusual change in the data on your equipment and can prevent sample losses.

About VisioNize® Lab Suite
As Lab 4.0 is on the rise and technology is advancing, Eppendorf is investing in new innovative areas to facilitate lab management practices with its digital lab solution portfolio. VisioNize® Lab Suite is the solution for effective device management in the areas of IoT device connectivity, remote monitoring, notifications, maintenance planning and supporting compliance.

About Clustermarket
Clustermarket is the world-leading equipment management and scheduling system helping laboratories optimize their operations and accelerate results. Clustermarket equips research teams with an easy-to-use software solution enabling them to coordinate equipment, plan maintenance activities, and generate reports and forecasts for resource planning. The intuitive system is designed for fast implementation and high adoption within your organization, whilst also offering integrations with various other software solutions to accelerate scientific breakthroughs that benefit all. More about Clustermarket