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Eppendorf CryoCube® F101h

Your personal -80 °C freezer

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CryoCube® F101h – your compact ultra-low temperature freezer (ULT)

Looking for a personal under-the-bench ULT freezer? The compact CryoCube® F101h offers long-lasting and reliable storage for up to 6,000 samples.

  • Perfect for small labs, this freezer fits into half a square meter of space without compromise
  • Save energy for a greener lab. This ULT freezer combines green-cooling with efficient insulation
  • Store your samples safely with short pull-down times and quick door-opening recovery

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Protect your priceless samples

Reliable and efficient performance can be expected for years from any of our ULT freezers, but with thousands of precious or rare samples stored, frequent check-ups can help you avoid unexpected freezer repairs and enhance your peace of mind.

Our preventive maintenance service contracts ensure that stored samples are protected through continuous refrigeration efficiency, reliability, and rapid recovery.

Suitable for academic and research applications

Stay organized in a busy lab with freezer storage boxes. These metal racks optimize your freezer space and make it easier to find your samples, even when your colleagues forget to add a label!
Visit the freezer rack selection and configuration program to learn how to store your samples most efficiently!

Suitable for pharma and biotech labs

Streamlined processes and operations are crucial for a successful laboratory. When you store your high-value samples, how efficient and safe is your documentation? The all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook from eLabNext® includes modules for sample tracking and protocol management to improve your efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching, and archiving data, samples, and protocols.

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