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Varipette® 4720 - Large Volume Pipette

Product Information

Handle challenging liquid handling tasks with ease! The Varipette 4720 is a large volume, positive displacement pipette that is optimized for lab work with viscous or volatile liquids. Ideal for safely aspirating liquids from large bottles or tall, narrow vessels.

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    • 1-channel
    • 1 – 10 mL (continuous volume selection)
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    Catalog no. 4720000011

    Product Information



    The large volume positive displacement pipette for large bottles or tall, narrow vessels

    Pipette faster and enjoy convenient one-handed operation with the Varipette 4720 large volume positive displacement pipette from Eppendorf. Optimized for work with viscous or volatile, high-vapor pressure liquids, the Varipette 4720 pipette is continuously adjustable and designed to aspirate from large bottles, or tall, narrow vessels when using the Eppendorf Varitips® S system or from beakers using the Varitip P pipette tips.

    Super easy, one-handed operation significantly speeds up pipetting tasks – simply press down the Varipette operating lever to aspirate liquid from the reservoir; press the lever again and the liquid will be dispensed into your sample vessel.