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Donate part of the epPoints you have collected for a good cause and support a project run by the GEO Rainforest Conservation charity.

The charity

GEO Rainforest Conservation helps people in Africa, Asia and Latin America to conserve their natural forest resources and to use them in a sustainable manner. The projects supported by the charity also improve the economic, social and sanitary situation of the local population. Since its foundation in 1989, GEO Rainforest Conservation has initiated, supported, organized and accompanied more than 90 conversation and development projects. The charity is currently responsible for projects in Ethiopia, Ecuador, DR Congo, India, Indonesia and Nepal. The project activities in the target areas are implemented by partner organizations with whom the charity has often worked together successfully for many years. The work of GEO Rainforest Conservation is financed by donations. Donations are exclusively used to finance local projects. GEO Rainforest Conservation follows the guidelines of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI). The charity’s financial statements are published annually in a newsletter and their financial reports are regularly audited by an independent auditor.

The project currently supported by Eppendorf: Reforestation in Sunaulo Bazaar, Nepal

Following the devastating earthquakes in 2015, the reconstruction of destroyed houses in Nepal led to an enormous need for timber. GEO Rainforest Conservation is helping to slow down the loss of forests.

Project background

In Nepal, forest resources are being depleted due to increasing population pressure. Between 1993 and 2018, the country's population increased sharply by 50 percent, growing from 20 to 30 million. Although in recent decades hundreds of thousands of biogas plants have been supplying people with biogas as an alternative source of energy for their cooking needs, they still need fuelwood for heating and timber for building. The need to reconstruct houses following the devastating earthquakes of April/May in 2015 dramatically increased the need for timber, thus further decimating the country's resources. The Nepalese Ministry of Forests and Environment has therefore called for 2019-2020 to be a "Year of Reforestation".

Project goals

Reforestation of fallow lands in Sanish Chare Danda, Sunaulo Bazaar

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  • Production of seedlings in Simle nursery
  • Coverage of transport costs for additional seedlings from government nurseries
  • Planting of around 35 hectares of fallow land with up to 50,000 seedlings
  • Taking care of young seedlings
Further information about the project.

Your Donation

Eppendorf will transfer the full amount of all donations to GEO Rainforest Conservation. The charity will use the money directly for the project chosen by Eppendorf.

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