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SciVario® twin

SciVario twin bioreactor control system with two single-use bioreactors BioBLU from Eppendorf

The next-generation bioprocess controller

In a fast-changing field like modern biotechnology, working with a system that grows with you and adapts to your needs reduces setup time and additional investments into new bioprocess equipment. The new SciVario twin bioreactor control system is the first product of our new bioprocess controller platform SciVario for small and bench-scale devices. Step into the digital age with highly innovative hardware and software advances and a new intuitive user-interface.

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  • Bioprocess controller for two bioreactors/fermenters
  • Touch UI with VisioNize® -touch software
  • Wide range of supported vessel types and sizes (1.25-3.8 L (maximum working volume) for all variants and up to 40 L for single use cell culture
  • Temperature control with temperature control block or heat blankets
  • Up to eight pumps per bioreactor/fermenter:
    • Big pump module
    • Small pumps module (with 2 pumps)
    • Variable assignment of pumps to control functions (acid, base, antifoam, feeds)
    • Up to 6 feeds are supported
  • Optical pH measurement for single-use cell culture
  • Universal ports for pH and DO measurement
  • Level sensor for antifoam addition
  • Exhaust condensation using either Peltier or water
  • Submerged/overlay gassing with 4 gases
  • Integration into DASware® control with monitoring and process control capability

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SciVario twin front and back

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SciVario twin video library

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Innovative, intuitive, intelligent

  • Experience a new user interface with VisioNize® -touch
  • Efficient process set-up with step-by-step guidance
  • Automated identification and configuration of connected accessories
  • Guidance through the workflows and consistency checks reduce risk
  • Customize your controller with the modular bay-drawer system

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More Bioprocess Customer Voices

“I got to know the SciVario® twin bioprocess control station as a well-conceived bioreactor platform, which was easy to use, especially due to the logically structured user-interface of the software.
A big advantage of the new controller is the sophisticated modularity of the vessel sizes that ensure an easy exchange of various bioreactor volumes without the need to invest in completely new control systems. Already during our first field-test, the controller worked smoothly and produced solid, reliable results, comparable with our DASGIP® Bioblock system.”

SenseUp GmbH, Dr. Regina Mahr

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“The software was very easy to understand. We did not need a complex user training to get familiar with it and all its features. We especially liked the fact that the UI takes one through the workflow, which helps a lot in avoiding mistakes.”

GenMab A/S, Patrick Priem

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Transform your SciVario® twin into Smart Bioprocessing with VisioNize

VisioNize is the Eppendorf digital platform, delivering valuable services in and around our Eppendorf devices like remote monitoring, controlling of bioprocess parameters, and customized notifications – to continuously improve your lab life by increasing efficiency, convenience and offering more peace of mind.

VisioNize® logo – Eppendorf digital platform for onboard-devices like the bioreactor control system SciVario® twin


Stay flexible, wherever your research focus will take you in the future. The SciVario twin is equipped with a unique bay-drawer concept. The controller and all functional modules will stay up to date with free easy to install bioprocess software updates.

Compact Design

A system that was designed to fulfill all your needs, enabling individual or parallel control of up to two bioreactors/fermenters in a range of 0.2 L up to 40 L. Additionally, cables are easily fixed and guided in the cable channel to ensure an unobstructed workspace. An optional storage system is available as well to easily store accessories such as the overhead drives, sensors, and exhaust cooler.

Compact-Design – Icon for bioreactor control system SciVario® twin

Application Efficiency

SciVario twin offers the highest flexibility for different bioreactor applications. It controls any combination of bioreactor vessel types and sizes, no matter if you are working with cell culture or microbial medium.

Application-Efficiency – Icon for bioreactor control system SciVario® twin


Designed by our user-experience specialists and validated with customer feedback. With our intuitive VisioNize touch software that comes with a fresh and clean user interface, setting up a bioprocess was never so easy.

Ease-of-Use – Icon for bioreactor control system SciVario® twin

Risk Mitigation

VisioNize touch focuses on the user’s daily work for reproducibility control of critical process parameters on both units independently and in parallel. Monitor your bioprocess experiments with your mobile device to react quickly and mitigate the risk of failures.

Risk Mitigation – Icon for bioreactor control system SciVario® twin

Our Bioprocessing Solutions for Your Applications

Visit our main bioprocess website to discover our bioprocess solutions for various industries and applications.

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