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Premium Pipette Service from Eppendorf – See the Experts at Work

Lab Academy

  • Settore farmaceutico
  • Biologia molecolare
  • Biocombustibili
  • Biochimica
  • Biotecnologia
  • Natura
  • Alimenti e bevande
  • Scienza forense
  • Microbiologia
  • Salute e medicina
  • Biologia cellulare
  • Dispenser
  • Servizi
  • Pipette
  • Manutenzione e calibrazione
  • Pipettaggio e dosaggio
  • Accuratezza
  • Saggio

There are three key steps that you can take to assure the quality of your results: Regular maintenance, calibration and adjustment of your pipettes. If all these three steps are performed by a professional service provider you can be sure of keeping your premium product in perfect shape.

Eppendorf offers a range of options from economical to GLP/GMP custom designed services for all pipettes. Watch the video and learn how calibration is performed at the market leader for pipettes.
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