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Facelift for reusable epT.I.P.S. ® Box


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The new reusable box is now called Box 2.0. The new design is a consistent, modern further development of the original product outfit.

When epT.I.P.S.® pipette tips were introduced by Eppendorf in 2002, they were already marketed in the popular reusable box. After 19 years, this little jewel is getting a new look. But since looks aren't everything, the now even safer stackability of several boxes on top of each other is also optimized.

The new design also comes with changes suggested by customers. The viewing slits on the back of the box have largely disappeared, allaying customer concerns about possible contamination hazards.

Of course, the new Box 2.0 is also autoclavable up to 100 times and available in 3 sizes, suitable for epT.I.P.S. pipette tip sizes up to 5 mL - equivalent to 120 mm tip length.