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epMotion® 5075v

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Complex applications, such as nucleic acid purification or solid phase extraction should not tie laboratory personnel to the workbench.
The epMotion 5075v allows true walk-away automation of purification protocols that rely on vacuum filtration. The 5075v is controlled by MultiCon industry PC and can be configured with CleanCap and up to 3 thermal modules.

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  • basic device incl. vacuum system, gripper, vac frame 2, vac frame holder, epBlue™ software, mouse, waste box
  • 100 – 240 V ±10 %/50 – 60 Hz ±5 %, 0,2 µL – 1 mL
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Product Information

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The epMotion 5075v is all about productivity. With its integrated vacuum station the epMotion 5075v automated liquid handling system allows true walk-away automation of DNA and RNA purification protocols that rely on vacuum filtration.

Integrated Vacuum Station

Loaded and unloaded with the gripper, the vacuum station adapts automatically to any filter plate type. Silent operation of internal pump with no need for extra tubes, wiring, or reservoir maintenance. The unique Eppendorf silicon mat accessory helps to save time and money
by allowing you to use only portions of a 96-well plate when working with smaller sample numbers. The VAC thermo lid accessory also reduces the extraction time substantially
by accelerating the ethanol evaporation step.

Plug'n'Prep® downloads

The epMotion Plug'n'Prep® concept offers you freedom of choice: Purify nucleic acids with protocols from your favorite kit vendor. All methods are pre-tested by the kit supplier and ready to use on the epMotion. In order to run your Plug'n'Prep® method download the Plug'n'Prep® method- and labware file from the VIP page and transfer to your epMotion. With epMotion 5075's unique Plug’n’Prep® applications, you are free to choose virtually any kit for your purification needs and you are free from the bench with true walk-away automation. Plug’n’Prep® also means it is easy to set up—you can start running your protocols on the day of installation!
More customized applications can be developed easily using the epBlue software.

Gripper Tool

The gripper tool allows transport of labware on the worktable of epMotion 5073 or 5075 versions. It is loaded by automatic tool exchange and can be programmed easily in the software. The stacking of up to 5 plates is possible.

Webinar: Liquid Handling for NGS Workflows

Generating high-quality NGS libraries is a labor-intensive process that requires experience, precision, and accuracy. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The basics of NGS workflows & expert advice on getting started with NGS in your lab
  • Practical tips and tricks for manual and automated liquid handling
  • How Eppendorf epMotion can help you achieve reliable and reproducible sequencing results