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VisioNize® sense

Product Information

Enabling Connectivity with VisioNize sense

Connect non-Eppendorf devices to VisioNize Lab Suite or utilize the sensor system as a second source validation for monitoring the temperature in your lab device.

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Single Devices (4)

  • routes the collected parameter data to VisioNize® Lab Suite
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Catalog no. ESS1000001

  • a wireless, rechargeable multi-sensor unit (ambient temperature, humidity, pressure & light)
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Catalog no. ESS1000002

  • PT-100 extension that can measure temperature of any device (including ULT Freezers) within the range of +60 to -90 °C.
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Catalog no. ESS1000003

  • all-in-one package including temperature sensor, evironmental monitoring sensors and gateway router.
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Catalog no. ESS1000004

Product Information

Technical Data

VisioNize sense consists of the following:

VisioNize® sense gateway router that routes the collected parameter data to VisioNize Lab Suite. Environmental monitoring sensor – a wireless, rechargeable multi-sensor unit that tracks the following parameters: temperature, humidity, pressure, brightness & motion. As well as an external temperature sensor (PT 100 sensor) to collect temperature data out of instruments e.g. freezers, shakers and incubators.

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