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Close-up of Multipette E3x multi-dispenser and Pipette Carousel 2 with several Eppendorf pipettes

Manual Liquid Handling

Perfection lies in the details – this a principle that definitely holds true for our hand-held pipettes and associated consumables. A history of over 50 years in liquid handling has resulted in award-winning designs, cuttingedge production, optimal materials selection and products that are harmonized for the utmost performance – guaranteeing the quality you deserve.

The Eppendorf Liquid Handling Instrument Portfolio
As the inventor of the microliter system, we at Eppendorf have over fifty years of experience in precise manual and automatic pipetting/dispensing and transferring of the smallest quantities of liquids. The standards defined by Eppendorf quality assurance (for example, precision and accuracy guidelines) clearly surpass the standards required to obtain these results, and guarantee the reproducibility that our customers have come to depend on.

Award-Winning Tools

Your research success is our ultimate goal. For more than 60 years we do our best to offer you the right solution for your lab work. This customer-focused product development has resulted in several industry awards for our liquid handling systems.

Eppendorf Pipettes and Pipette Tips: An Unbeatable Combination

The mere fact that a tip fits onto a pipette cone is no guarantee for the performance of a liquid handling system, which comprises of the components instrument and tip. Eppendorf micropipettes and pipette tips are designed to work in perfect unison and to ensure a maximum of precision and accuracy. With our wide portfolio of variants and sizes as well as certified purity grades, our pipette tips offering is tailored to various requirements in today’s labs.

Ensure Consistent Results with our Maintenance, Calibration & Adjustment Services

Pipettes and dispensers are precision instruments with moving parts subject to normal wear and tear that may lead to imprecision over time. Therefore, regular maintenance and calibration are fundamental to the precision and accuracy of your instruments. We provide sincere, reliable services to help you maintain premium performance, and maximum safety of our instruments and your applications.

Your Transition to the Lab of the Future – with Eppendorf

Digital solutions can make everyday lab work even safer and more efficient for you. Keep track of your instruments & samples and plan your next pipette calibration with our VisioNize® cloud solutions or evolve your electronic pipettes with the VisioNize® pipette manager to work faster, more accurate and in collaboration with your fellow researchers.