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Knowledge Base: VisioNize® Lab Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

General Product & Setup

What is the VisioNize® Lab Suite?‌

How does it work?‌

How can I access the VisioNize® Lab Suite?‌

Are all mobile devices supported?‌

Can I use the platform from multiple locations with multiple users?‌

What are the defined roles in the user management of VisioNize® Lab Suite?‌

What is the minimum recommended specification of user devices accessing VisioNize?‌

Does VisioNize require any software or driver installation onto end user devices?‌

Can the data be stored locally on a customer server?‌

Is any additional IT hardware needed to connect devices and use the software?‌

Do I need a VPN connection to access the software remotely?‌


How can I subscribe to the VisioNize® Lab Suite?‌

How does the subscription work?‌

Can I unsubscribe from VisioNize® Lab Suite?‌

How long is the termination/cancellation period for my subscription?‌

Device connectivity

What are VisioNize Lab Suite Services?‌

How are SMS consumed?‌

What happens when I run out of SMS?‌

Is VisioNize Lab Suite 21 CFR Part 11 compliant or compatible?‌

Is it possible to export data from VisioNize Lab Suite?‌

What kind of data can be exported?‌

Data Storage/Access

Where are the data stored?‌

In which countries is the data stored?‌

Is VisioNize Lab Suite a multi-tenancy or a single-tenancy software?‌

What user authentication does VisioNize Lab Suite support?‌

VisioNize sense

For what can I use the VisioNize sense temperature monitoring kit?‌

What do I need in terms of sensors?‌

How many sensors can I connect with one VisioNize Device Connectivity?‌

How do I connect the VisioNize sense gateway router and the sensors?‌

What are the temperature ranges for the external temperature sensor?‌

What parameters can be measured in addition to temperature?‌

Can the sensors be connected to an existing BMS system?‌

What is the range of the gateway router?‌

I would like to add the sensor and associated the sensor to a third party device within VisioNize Lab Suite? What do I have to do?‌


How does VisioNize Lab Suite take care of regular security updates for connected devices?‌

Does VisioNize Lab Suite support remote control of devices?‌

What kind of personal data is stored in VisioNIze Lab Suite?‌

For how long is personal data stored?‌

How to configure your subscription?

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