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Save 35% on epMotion 96 and 96xl semi-automated 96-well electronic pipettes

Save 35% on epMotion® 96 and 96xl semi-automated 96-well electronic pipettes


Save 35% in the eShop with promotion code "WhatsNext"

Included in this offer
  • epMotion® 96 – your semi-automated pipette, perfect for 96- and 384-well parallel microplate processing (0.5 – 300 μL)
  • epMotion® 96xl – for parallel microplate processing in a larger volume range (5 – 1,000 μL)

Want to increase your productivity and pipette entire 96-well plates in one single step? Make it faster and more precise with epMotion® 96 to overcome the limits of manual multi-channel pipetting.
  • Performs 12 times faster than 8 channel pipettes
  • Compact design to fit in a laminar flow hood
  • Fill plates column-by-column for maximum flexibility e.g., pipetting dilution series

For a limited time only, these semi-automated pipettes are available at a 35% discount — just a fraction of the price compared to a fully automated pipetting system!

Suitable for Pharma and Biotech labsSynchronous processing of 96 wells increases your throughput and minimizes the risk of time-dependent intraplate gradients and human errors. The compact epMotion 96 is also a great addition for automated labs to feed bigger automation systems with pre-filled plates.