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Some protocols require additional equipment to be executed perfectly. We offer a high range of accessories to make your protocols work and your results better. The ideal fit for different vessel types, from PCR tubes to 50 mL conical tubes, or different plate formats combined with excellent heat transfer are given by our SmartBlocks. They are easily exchanged with one hand.
If additional space for 1.5 mL tubes is needed the SmartExtender enlarges your capacity by 12 tubes. Incubation at a higher temperature than the block is possible, so two individual protocols or two temperature steps in one protocol can be done with one device.
If you fear condensation in your tubes heating the lid with our ThermoTop® is the best choice.
On the other hand, secure cooling of samples during e.g., PCR preparation can be reliably done with our PCR cooler, that changes the color when getting warm, so that you can react immediately. Larger vessels or multiple tubes can be cooled and handled in the IsoTherm System® .