PCR clean + Protein-free

The purity grade PCR clean + Protein-free* certifies the criteria of the purity grades PCR clean and Protein-free. This purity grade is available only for selected consumables which guarantee both quantification and subsequent analysis of genetic material (nucleic acid) and proteins.

PCR clean & Protein-free consumables are:

  • DNase and RNase free
  • Free of* contaminating nucleic acid. This is normally human DNA
  • Free of PCR inhibitors
  • Free of proteins and thus free of unspecific signals or reactions due to protein contamination.
    • Protein contamination is tested using a colorimetric assay which can detect down to 1ng/ µL.

  • Furthermore, all Eppendorf PCR clean & Protein-free products fulfill the quality standards defined for our standard consumables. The requirements regarding wetting behavior, liquid tightness, accuracy, chemical resistance, etc. are met in full.

Only those consumables that have passed all the necessary tests shall be labeled “PCR clean + Protein-free”, a quality seal which assures customers of the suitability of their Eppendorf consumables for direct use in experiments and analysis without the need for further treatment. Each lot with the purity grade PCR clean + Protein-free is tested and certified by an external accredited laboratory as a matter of course.

The lot-specific certificates are available on request and on our website.

*The suffix or word „-free/free of“  in the context of the purity grades means, testing showed conformity within the detection limits. Learn more

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Products available in PCR clean + protein-free are e.g.: